Federal Work-Study

If you are awarded Federal Work-Study (FWS) as part of your financial aid package, you have the opportunity to work on campus or off campus at a community service organization.

Types of FWS

On-Campus Work-Study

On-campus work-study allows you to work with university departments and typically includes

  • Clerical positions
  • Information Technology support
  • Dining hall services
  • Student and recreational activities 

Community Service Work-Study

You may choose to earn your FWS award off campus at local community service organizations that serve the needs of your campus’ local or surrounding community.

There are various types of opportunities with local nonprofit, governmental and community-based organizations that serve to improve the quality of life for community residents.


If you decide to accept your FWS award and work, you will need to complete employee paperwork.

1.  Choose your campus to access FWS forms:

Selecting your Federal Work Study Job

Student Employment will contact awarded students during the summer with details about when and how they can select a FWS job for the academic year. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Multiple Jobs

Can I work more than one FWS job?

Students may not work in more than one JWU position simultaneously. 

How many hours am I allowed to work each week? 

The maximum number of hours allowed each week is based upon your total FWS award, which is divided up to allow you to work the entire academic year. You may choose to work less hours, but doing so will not allow you to earn your entire award amount.

Submitting Hours
How do I record and submit hours that I work?

As a new student employee, you will receive a temporary paper time sheet once you complete your time-sensitive new hire paperwork. This time sheet should be used to capture hours worked until you have access to JWU’s HRpulse Time & Attendance system.

You will receive an HRpulse login credential email from Human Resources & Payroll.

If you are using a time clock to record hours, your manager will show you the location so that you can clock on when you report to work.

Student employees that use a computer will login to HRpulse to record hours worked.

Changing Jobs

May I change my work-study job within a given academic year? 

You are given the opportunity to select your job, and managers work around student academic schedules. Therefore, as a general rule, you are not allowed to transfer to another work-study job once you have selected a job for the year. You do, however, have the ability to change jobs in subsequent academic years.

If you have other scheduling commitments, you may need to select a job that has more scheduling flexibility rather than a job that has limited hours or does not work with your other commitments. The job site will give you information to help you make the right FWS job choice. 


What is my hourly wage as a Federal Work-Study participant?

Rhode Island - $14/hr.

Massachusetts - $15/hr.

North Carolina - $12.50/hr.  


Do I need to pay taxes on wages earned in my FWS job?

Yes. Wages you earn are subject to federal and state tax withholding. As an enrolled student, your wages are exempt from FICA taxes (Social Security and Medicare taxes). 


Can I make up my FWS hours because I can’t work while I am on internship?

If you are participating in Internship or Study Abroad and you are not going to work during that semester, contact your campus student employment representative as soon as you are accepted. Your hours may be recalculated to allow you to earn your entire FWS Award during one semester. 


Can FWS earnings be applied to my tuition charges?

Yes. You can complete a turnover agreement form with Student Financial Services.